Why Biden & Harris are Good News for Our Climate

This is what hope feels like.

We can all feel it: the rising excitement, the anticipation.

Optimism at what Biden-Harris could do for the climate crisis, anxious at what they might not deliver. This is a turning point in the story of the Climate Crisis.

Yes, Biden-Harris have promised to reverse many of the damaging environmental policies of the Trump administration. Yes, some of their promises are ambitious. Yes, some of them fall short of being ambitious enough. Yes, there is the possibility that they deliver only some of them.

But whatever the realities of the Biden administration turn out to be, this moment is electric. This is a moment of hope.

Hope is the idea of a better world made real. Hope is the feeling that tides are starting to turn. Hope is the knowledge that the future is out there for us to make. Hope is the driving force that will get us there.

So feel happy, relieved, excited, anxious and unsure. Feel the power of this moment, enjoy it, fill yourself with it, harness it, because yes, this is hope you’re feeling.

In this article, we've outlined the key points of the Biden-Harris Climate Plan, and why they're good news for our Climate.

A plan for a 'Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice'

Biden's campaign website frames their Climate Plan as a plan for a 'Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice', promising not only to invest in sustainable technologies but to confront and tackle the racial and classist issues which are intertwined with environmental issues.

Starting with re-entering the Paris Climate Agreement.

Biden has already made it resoundingly clear that on assuming office, he will be actively reversing all of the damaging decisions that have been taken during Trump's presidency. Starting with re-entering the Paris Climate Agreement.

KEy takeaways from their climate plan

100% Clean Energy Economy and net-zero emissions by 2050

Demand that Congress establishes an enforcement mechanism to hold key parties accountable for their role in achieving climate targets. Crucially, he wants this mechanism to include milestone targets that are no later than his first term in office
Historic investment in clean energy and climate technology innovation and research
Incentivising the deployment of such clean energy innovations across the US, most especially in the communities most affected by the Climate Crisis

BUILD A stronger, more resilient nation

Investment in American infrastructure to adapt the nation to the impacts of the Climate Crisis
Investment in roads, bridges, transportation and energy with a view to prevent, reduce, and withstand a changing Climate
Developing regional Climate Resilience Plans working with local communities, universities and research labs to prepare specific boost local efforts in the fight against the Climate Crisis

Rally the global community in the fight against climate change

Biden & Harris acknowledge the need for a global collaborative effort in the fight against the Climate Crisis, and is not afraid to stand up to adversaries and defend necessary action
Biden & Harris will recommit the US to the Paris Climate Agreement
They will rally the international community to commit to more ambitious climate targets, asking international organisations to hold nations accountable for breaches or violations
They will integrate Climate and Environmental Considerations into all foreign policy, national security and international trade agreements

Stand up to the abuse of power by polluters who disproportionately harm communities of colour and low-income communities

Biden & Harris acknowledge that communities of colour and low-income communities are disproportionately impacted by the Climate Crisis
Biden & Harris have pledged to take action against fossil-fuel companies and other major polluters, holding them accountable for prioritising profit over people and knowingly harming our environment
Fulfil the government's obligation to workers and communities who have powered their industrial revolution and economic growth
Biden & Harris are fully prepared to protect and work with workers, leaving nobody behind in this new, sustainable, era

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Written by Louder Than The Storm co-founder #AIMEE_LISTER

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