Video discussion with designers, artists, environmentalists on fashion

Our Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Day delves into how we can make the fashion industry more environmentally conscious, advocate social justice, and include all bodies.

Collaborative video

In this collaborative video by climate activists, sustainable businesses, designers, artists and sellers, you can immerse yourself in the positive changes we can make to the fashion industry. Climate change is an intersectional issue and therefore we think it’s important the fashion industry must play its part in not only reducing its waste and carbon footprint, but representing diversity and addressing the social issues in the industry.

Meet those involved:

Rosette Ale (00:40) is the Founder of Revival London based sustainable luxury fashion brand centred around textile waste and innovation. Find them on Instagram @revivalldn and see their latest collection here.

Tilly Robinson (08:57) is a Climate Justice Activist, currently studying for a MSc in Environmental Policy at Imperial College London. Follow her on Instagram at @kindofeco. *see references below*

Sian Dorman (19:46) is a Sustainable Costume Designer and Set Installation Artist who works with waste materials. See her work here and follow her on Instagram at @siandormantextiles.

Valentina Landin Burbano (23:08) is a visual creative director and stylist. She recently directed the film ‘NOTHING TO WEAR’ revealing the issues of fashion consumption, which you can watch on her Instagram @alwaystremen and below.

Amelia Ginger (31:52) is a Depop seller who sells secondhand clothing and champions sustainable fashion. Find her on Depop here at @amelia_ginger and on Instagram at @ameliagingerdepop.

Marybel Salis (34:46) is a disabled jewellery designer, creative and artist with fibromyalgia. She is also the founder of an arts collective The U CAN, which facilitates greater social inclusion for people who have fibromyalgia, chronic pain and mental health conditions. Follow her on Instagram @marybelsalis.

How can I learn more about Sustainable Fashion?

Instagram Live:

We’re also doing an Instagram Live at 11am today find out more on our Instagram @louderthanthestorm or watch it afterwards.

*References for Tilly’s video:

Some suggested accounts to follow:

1. The IPCC (the UN’s panel on climate change’ has calculated that the fashion produces 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions every year (,-This%20article%20is&text=While%20the%20figures%20are%20debated,trillion%20litres%20of%20water%20annually


2. A pair of jeans produces as much greenhouse gases as driving a car more than 80 miles (

3. Making one cotton t-shirt uses 713 gallons of water (

4. We used to have 2-4 fashion seasons a year that went with our seasons, and now we have roughly 52 micro-seasons a year (Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion - book)

5. Each year over 80 billion pieces of clothing are produced worldwide (The True Cost - Documentary)

6. 3/4 garments will end up in landfills (

7. 60% of discarded clothing is made of non-biodegradeable fabrics & so can sit in landfills for up to 200 years (

8. 97% of fast fashion is produced in developing countries (The True Cost - Documenary)

9. Sourcemap has traced the supply chain/trade route of clothing manufacturers ( &

10. Only 10% of the clothes that people donate to charity shops end up getting re-sold (True Cost - Documentary)

11. Aja Barber tips (Yikes Podcast Ep. 5 Fast Fashion)

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