• Aimée Lister

Hueman NaTuRe, the African concept artist and environmental designer inspired by pre-colonial life

Meet El Lobo III / Hueman NaTuRe, African futuristic concept artist, architect and environmental designer. We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with them about their work, to contextualise their creations within wider discourses of colonialism, capitalism and climate.

How does pre-colonial Africa inspire your environmentalism?

I started to pay attention to environmentalism after realizing how advanced pre-colonial African civilizations were in terms of their harmony with nature. I studied the pygmies of central African and I was amazed to see how their lifestyle was based on the conservation of the environment around them, even though they had the ability to completely transform, manipulate and extort their environment, they chose to adapt to it. This was a great lesson for me.

What is your relationship with the natural world?

I believe that nature is the all-powerful creator force many religions talk about. Nature is a nurturing yet unforgiving force that has existed billions of years before us and billions after. In order for us to thrive, we need to be in harmony with the needs of the environment. I make an effort to learn natural sciences in order to better pay attention to the flow of nature, which I use to orient myself.

What motivates you to live sustainably?

I pursue a sustainable lifestyle because being independent is important to me, and by leading a sustainable lifestyle, I take control of my overall consumption and emission into the earth. It is like my personal contribution to the grander plan of healing the planet.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from the interactions between humans and nature. I believe that some amazing things can happen when humans and nature work in unison. This is what gives me ideas on what virtual words to create in my art.

I don't really draw on many sources of positivity. I would consider myself a realist (leaning towards pessimism). But I do believe it is important to keep one's spirit up, especially in an artistic profession. Some activities I do to draw this positivity are daily consciousness meditation, reading, and drawing random ideas.

How does environmentalism influence your designs and creations?

Environmentalism informs my work in various ways. In terms of architecture, I've been studying the principle of biomimicry, to use natural mechanisms as inspiration for Architectural design problems. By knowing the environmental state of the world and the methods other people use to improve, I learn new techniques to apply in my architectural style to create sustainable structures.

My aim to help people reimagine the realities of a pre-colonial African world, in order to show how far ahead of its time african sustainability was.

I believe that with enough effort in the environmental sector, we can change the average human lifestyle from being based on consumption to one that promotes environmental wellness.

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