How to make your social media feed greener

Though we all strive to become greener and more conscious citizens, our efforts are often stunted when we begin to feel overwhelmed by the entirety of it all. It can be hard to know where to begin, what to read, who to listen to and why certain aspects of our lives need improving. Though social media has the ability to connect people with information, ideas, and an abundance of resources, it is commonly used as a gateway to blissful ignorance, where we satiate ourselves with more superficial content. This ignorance can ultimately stagnate change, as it distracts us from pressing issues, and the ways that we can help.

In this article you will learn how to consume and produce greener content that focuses on climate issues, promotes a greener lifestyle, inspires change, and celebrates nature.

How to consume greener content

Being exposed to more educational, informative, diverse, and encouraging material can act as a great stepping stone towards a greener lifestyle. What we consume on a daily basis slowly but surely moulds the way we think, which can ultimately affect the way we act.

Curating your Instagram feed

A greener life

It all begins in the comforts of our homes. By making small and informed changes, we can improve our environmental footprint. Following accounts that provide you with tips, information and guidance can support you in making these changes.

Spotlight account:

This account tackles big issues by providing simple solutions in creative and easily digestible ways. Since following them, I have found it easier to implement greener decisions into my everyday life.

Other accounts:

Fashion and Beauty

By ensuring the brands you indulge in are eco-friendly, your fashion and beauty choices will inherently become greener too. Following sustainable, vegan, and thrifted accounts can help you to follow fashion in ways that avoid exploitation, depleting resources, and exacerbating waste. These accounts can also expose you to better quality fabrics, local brands, and unusual styles, resulting in unique statement pieces for your wardrobe.

Spotlight account: Buyfrombipoc

Intersectionality is an important factor when it comes to environmental progress. This account celebrates BIPOC makers and creatives who focus on slow, ethical, and sustainable fashion.

Other accounts:

Earth news

Activism can be strengthened through relevant knowledge of world news, updates on legislations, and pressing issues affecting the planet. However, with a profuse amount of reading material and news platforms to peruse, educating yourself on climate issues can be overwhelming. This is where following informative pages on climate news can help.

Spotlight account: earthjustice

This NGO account has helped us keep up to date on environmental laws and efforts being made to combat climate change.

Other accounts:


Food snapshots and recipe videos are no stranger to social media; but how can we make them greener? Through discussing more sustainable ways to grow, eat, store, and dispose of food. This can include looking into the environmental impact of the meat and fishing industry, food packaging’s contribution to pollution, how meal prepping can save energy and water, and how you can build your own compost bins and vegetable gardens in your home.

Spotlight account: theplantedone

This account provides me with meal prep ideas that are plant based, encouraging me to cook, store, and eat food in energy and water efficient ways.

Other accounts:

Using Facebook pages and events

  1. Farmers’ Markets: Get involved with the community to support local farms and organic produce. Farmers’ markets also promote package free shopping, which means less plastic.

  2. Green events near you: From litter picking to mountain hikes, stay informed about charity events that support the environment and outdoor activities that celebrate nature.

  3. Peaceful protests to attend: Many NGOs and small charities organise peaceful protests to protect and promote greener decisions. Like their pages to attend and support the movement.

How to produce greener content

Once we have the tools to better ourselves, we should take the next step to guide others. The content we share signifies the messages we support, so it is important that what we promote is mindful, inclusive, and beneficial. You might be the link between an expert and someone who hasn’t followed any of these accounts! Even if you just motivate or educate one person, you are mobilising change. Everyone has a social responsibility to act greener.

Maximising your instagram impact:

  1. Link tree: Create and customise a comprehensive list of links and articles that promote and support a greener future and display it in your bio. By doing so, you can help keep your followers aware of multiple issues that mean a lot to you.

  2. Reposts and shares: Repost and share greener content from other accounts. Through sharing insightful podcasts, petition links, or informative posts, you can expose your followers to more resources, and could help them make a change.

  3. Your posts: Sometimes all is needed is to appreciate and celebrate mother nature. Post your nature pictures and use your platform to celebrate the greener side of life.

  4. Instagram highlights: Dedicate a story highlight towards greener living. You can fill this with your own tips, greener destinations sites you have visited, new sustainable products you have purchased, or new books you find useful. You can also participate in greener trends like going zero plastic or the 30-day vegan challenge and share them on your story to motivate others to do the same.

Know how to use every platform for good:

  1. Pinterest: Make a green-focused board. Inspire yourself with tips, home designs, recipes and outfits all centred around a greener concept.

  2. Twitter: Interact with politicians and brands to demand change, join in on greener discussions, retweet useful resources, events and information, and use your voice to advocate for a greener society through tweets or threads.

  3. Vintage/ reselling accounts: Help slow down fashion by creating a vintage/reselling account on platforms such as Depop or Vinted. By purchasing beloved second hand items, and even selling your own, you can help prevent textile waste, and shift away from supporting mass producers.

  4. If you want to see change, sometimes you have to lead the way. Make a account to sign petitions regarding the environment or even start your own.

  5. LinkedIn: Bring the discussion of a cleaner world into your industry. Share articles and discuss greener company methods amongst your peers.

If we collectively transform our social media presence into one that focuses on our ability to make a difference, we are not only supporting our own journey to a sustainable lifestyle, but we are also supporting others.

By Louder Than The Storm contributor Namitha Ragunath


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