Four stages of nature - a photoshoot by Yulia Buzhinskaya

Yulia Buzhinskaya is an artist from Russia. Her latest photoshoot centres around four stages of nature: abundance, destruction, transition and renewal.

The first of Yulia’s photos are joyful in nature - a kind of utopian view of a natural world upon which humanity has had no impact.

“The model symbolises the abundance of nature, its richness, and growth. Unconsciously, we associate the colour green with well-being and forests,” Yulia points out. “It is a colour which represents the purity of nature, unaffected by humanity.”

However, Yulia is all too aware of the less abundant reality we face, and the wildfires of 2019 had a profound impact on her approach to the environment and on her artistic projects.

“When you see such an enormous influence of humanity on the natural world, it makes you wonder how that happened and what you can do to prevent it in the future,” Yulia explains. For her, the answer lies in using her creativity. “I believe artists create because it's their way to highlight an issue and draw people's attention to the particular problem, so I came up with an idea of an ecology-themed photoshoot.”

The second set of photos depict a black charred tree, symbolising people’s influence on nature and the wildfires of 2019. “However awful human actions may be, trees, forests, and nature can bounce back, thankfully. And even the most regrettable state can be transformed into a transition.”

This transition is found in Yulia’s third depiction of a third state of nature: transition.

For Yulia, “Everything dies and is born once again. Fading isn’t the same as ending; it’s a rebirth. Autumn is a good example of this state where nature is renewed to show us its richness later. It represents the balance of nature.”

This transition has a hopeful ending: the final state in this photoshoot is summertime.

“Here we see the ease of nature, fields, daisies. This state isn’t like any other. It is so light, so invisible, like a summer evening. It makes us think about youth and all the time we have ahead,” Yulia tells us. “Nature too can be careless, inspiring, free.”

Yulia’s ecology-themed photos therefore deliver a doubly powerful message: our planet has the potential to transition and recover from the crisis we are currently facing... but we are the only ones who can make that happen.

All photos belong to LTTS contributor, Yulia Buzhinskaya.

Interview by Creative Editor Emma Turner


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