Ahndiya Kiburi


Inspired by Ahndiya’s work on an international ecology project in Costa Rica, Save The Turtles brings together art and science to show the impact that pollution is having on these beautiful animals. It reveals the emotional bond between humans and animals, and the need for us to become more aware of our actions and consumption.

Ahndiya shows us ‘at first glance, this piece simply appears to be a sea turtle living its life peacefully, but on second glance the viewer can see all the man made trash weighing the turtle. The purpose of this piece is to invoke thoughts within the audience about environmental consciousness.’

As a creative director of an ecology based art project One Voice, Ahndiya brings the hope of communities to come together, to use artistic methods to connect and create change in society. This reminds us that together, we can all make a difference.

About the artist

Hello, I’m Ahndiya, I’m an artist and entrepreneur, and have recently created a successful presence on social media by sharing my art. I launched an online Etsy shop selling my fine art. Lately, I have been practicing watercolor, and gouache, but I will always have a love for printmaking, photography and drawing. I recently graduated high school, and I will be studying International Relations and Design at the University of California- Davis. I plan to continue my art study throughout college and grow my creative business.

How does this piece express intersectionality?

Written by Ahndiya:
“I am a black artist, and I actively participate in civil rights projects. Being a person of color, my societal worth is defined at birth. I use my work to redefine my identity. I hope to add to my enslaved ancestors' legacy. I am creating for all my enslaved ancestors, for the lives they had robbed from them. Their voice echoes through my work.

I make art as an extension of who I am and who my ancestors were. I make art to reflect my identity and demonstrate my confidence and gratitude for my culture. As a young black environmentalist, I strive to promote the movement to my brown and black communities. The option of being environmentally conscious should not be accessible based on race or eciosciemic status”

How can you act?

Find out more about the impacts of pollution and climate change on our oceans here

Learn about race and gender inequalities and share what you learn with your community

Find out how you can make a difference in your local area, join community groups, tackle waste and pollution

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