Quarantine Jungle

Siân Dorman


Inspired by flowers at Kew Gardens, Siân created this collection of plastic waste flowers during lockdown to promote conversations about consumption habits and waste. The flowers, themselves made of waste material, show how hope and renewal can come from reconnecting to ourselves and nature.

Siân advocates moving towards a more accessible and activist art practice, as more people can participate in art by just using the materials found around them.

This piece highlights that by staying at home to protect lives, we have also protected the environment with fewer people travelling, consuming less, and returning to what really matters to them in life.

Siân believes lockdown is helping people to be more present in their surroundings in nature, especially as for most of us, the only green space we have had access to in the past three months has been our local park”

About the artist

Hello! I’m Siân, I’m a Sustainable Costume Designer and Set Installation Artist who works with waste materials and am a graduate of the University of the Arts: Chelsea College of Art and Design.

How does this piece express intersectionality?

The pandemic has exposed and deepened inequalities in our societies with many people losing jobs or receiving lower incomes. Siân brings together the important links of understanding economic privilege and consumption, where those who have more financial capacity need to be more responsible and reduce their consumption of unsustainable products.

At the same time Siân, informed by her working class background, uses flowers as symbols of growth and change to show that we can make art materials more accessible and platform working class voices.

Siân challenges the idea that “art is something only the higher classes can be a part of, instead using recyclable material makes art production accessible to all.”

How can you act?

Learn how we can reduce our consumption habits

Artists can find out how to make their practice more sustainable at Textiles Environment Design Research

Find out more tips from Sian

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