Amy Newberry


Girl By Moon understands that it is easy to feel fearful, to feel like we live in a world of polarisation, exhausted by the constant doing and producing. Amy sees the girl, like so many of us, to be living with a “feeling of anxiety and sadness at the state of the world … and feeling helpless as one living cell on planet earth”. Reacting to this, Amy produced this piece which comforts and inspires us to want to protect the beauty of the world.

Yet, Amy shows us that the “answer is hidden within our fear”. The girl embraces herself, reminding us we can find comfort and care by coming a little bit closer to that which might be painful. The moon is a symbol of hope, intertwined and connected in our lives, resting peacefully on the girl’s shoulders.

Also, the moon by being connected to earth yet also a place away from human interference, shows we can create space to come home to ourselves, recharge, and nourish the self. Instead of sitting in either the binary of black or white, we can embrace all the colours and feelings, and be empowered by the complexity and diversity of the world, gathering the energy to care for others and the planet together.

About the artist

Hello! I’m Amy, I am an Illustration student studying at Leeds Arts University with a passion for fighting on-going injustices in the modern world, currently through visual communication and awareness.

See Amy’s other artwork, ‘No More’ in our exhibition.

How does this piece express intersectionality?

Amy’s work highlights how important self-care is not only for our mental health but also how this extends to the environment. Our relationship with the natural world can be symbiotic, as much as the environment can help our well-being, we can help care for the environment. For example, nature has been seen to dramatically improve our health and happiness.

Amy highlights how just beginning to realise how intertwined our health is to the environment and that we need to make change, are positive first steps.

Amy believes that “success lies in using this to create positive action through indiscriminate collaboration”, and that intersectionality must be an essential part of our climate activism

How can you act?

Celebrate being outdoors and in nature by yourself or with others or bring nature inside with you

Visit mental health charities and the NHS online for advice and to support them, e.g. Mind

Learn more about ecotherapy and other tips you can try with Mind

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