Victoria Lucy Williams


Betwixt brings us closer to the places often forgotten and overlooked, where ecosystems are thriving not as the monocultures we impose, but as wild spaces on the edge. Although these spaces may seem marginalised, they are the spaces of hope, for growth, and being-hood, the spaces in which we can create change.

The film brings us closer to nature, allowing us to become immersed in this intimacy, so important in a time when we have been physically apart from so many loved ones. A meditative experience, we come closer to what we have feared, and can therefore develop the connections and confidence to create change.

“This is a breathing animate world, not inanimate”

About the artist

Hello! I’m Victoria, I’m a recent graduate from Falmouth University’s MA Illustration: my practice and research was tied to multifaceted relationships humans have to the non-human animate world. I have always been attracted to overlooked and forgotten places, be it old structures or patchy what some may call wastelands or edgelands.

How does this piece express intersectionality?

Victoria moves beyond the human, and explores the intersectionalities with the non-human, centering ourselves within nature, rather than separate from it. In a time where so many of us feel disconnected to our bodies due to societal beauty standards we feel like we are in the same wasteland as nature, experiencing marginalisation, being subject to consumerism, and being seen as only useful if we are ‘productive’.

Betwixt gives us space and time to reflect and rest in acceptance with ourselves in all our different and beautiful bodies, no matter our gender, size, shape or style. Victoria shows us how “we are alive and are using our bodies for social and political dialogue .. we are beings self-aware of injustices”. Therefore, by bringing us to the voices of the margins, Victoria shows us that we can act together, inclusive of all bodies.

How can you act?

Take time to explore the outside, read this beautiful poem celebrating beauty in a time of crisis.

Learn more about rewilding and how we can create small spaces of nature everywhere.

Connect to yourself and your body through meditation, yoga, movement and learning more about your mental health

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