Skye Kember


Skye Kember’s colourful, powerful watercolour piece portrays the self as part of nature, rather than separate from it. If we lose this connection, and create a binary between nature and humans, Skye shows us that “we lose our sense of belonging and can feel alienated and alone” because we are apart from the environment, our home.

Skye's piece emphasises our reciprocal relationship with nature and the mutual benefit that both we and the natural environment draw from it. It is impossible to grow separate and disconnected from nature and each other as we are fundamentally intertwined. Skye believes that “finding peace within the trees helps us to reconnect and appreciate the incredible magic of the natural world.”

About the artist

Hello! I’m Skye, I am a non-binary artist, studying Illustration at Brighton Uni. I am inspired by my personal feelings and understanding of the world.

I find it curious how opposites are so prominent in our ways of understanding the world, and I enjoy exploring how these opposites can co-exist in balance. I find inspiration and peace in nature, and I find drawing and painting very good for my mental health. Through my work I try to communicate my feelings and thoughts around important topics, hoping to connect with others.

How does this piece express intersectionality?

Skye introduces an important voice to the Climate Conversation by viewing the world from a perspective outside binary opposites through the use of characters that have no gender. This does not seek to erase gender, but instead, to promote equality and inclusiveness.

Skye shows us that fighting against one another and against nature is destructive, and instead we must learn to work with each other and “break down the egos that have manifested”.

Skye shows the importance of reflecting on our own privileges in relation to others, and making space for those who have been institutionally disadvantaged. Reminding ourselves that we are all a part of this world “can make us look a little harder and outside our immediate bubble to see the impact our lives have on others.”

How can you act?

Spend time outdoors and with trees, because as Skye emphasises “being present and finding peace in nature is so good for mental wellbeing”

Doing yoga or mindfulness to connect to our own physical and mental wellbeing helps us realise how we have the agency to affect others

Skye believes that “taking a moment to stop and think about the ripple effect of our actions can help us to make smarter and eco friendly choices that are more selfless and connect with the community around us.”

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