We started with a question.

We all know about climate change,

so why doesn't everyone seem to care?

we live in harmony with all life around us

sustainability isn't a statement

justice isn't a surprise

We're dreaming of a world where

Louder Than The Storm is dedicated to inspiring climate action through a narrative of hope and a vision of change.

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We found an answer.

Lots of people around the world do, and are making moves right now.

We just haven't been looking in the right places or telling the right stories. We must take strength from these people, be inspired by them, then become one of them.

The way we communicate and talk about climate change just doesn't work.


We have to inspire climate action through positivity, hope and empowerment. Messages about fear and the threat of a climate disaster don't work, they breed apathy, resignation and denial. 

'Stopping climate change' can't be our goal. We have to dream bigger.

Avoiding climate change isn't a big enough dream to inspire radical social change. We must always be fighting for, never against. It's time to think beyond just stopping climate change and dream a better world for us all.  


Hope, inspiration and uplifting climate content.

People all around the world are making positive change right now. We're moving from fear to hope, despair to inspiration, and sharing the stories, experiences and visions of the people creating a better world. 


An online space for your climate activism.


Your personal dashboard brings you the latest petitions and actions you can take. Community pages for discussion, sharing resources, and engaging with people like you. Self-led courses to develop your activism. Get inspired with climate events.

What do we do

I am with those who believe a better world is possible.

Sustainability is a mindset.

Hope is a commitment.

Change is a choice.

I am willing to use my power to create this world alongside others.

I am willing to risk standing out, knowing there is a community behind me I may not always be able to see.

I will always try to find hope from adversity, love from anger, inspiration from despair.

These thoughts are deeply inspired by and indebted to Niki Harré. 

If what we have said here resonates with you, we can't recommend the book Psychology For a Better World enough.

As people who believe in a better world, our role is to stand up and say : 

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